Dr Wilhelm Lichtenberg is a husband to his beautiful wife and father of three wonderful children. South Africa’s “Singing Surgeon” lives in Cape Town, where he is in full-time practice as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon.

His father fostered his deep love of music and he dreamed of being an opera singer from a young age.

To indulge his love of music, he studies singing with renowned mezzo-soprano Violina Anguelov and under her tutelage, he has matured and developed a rich, strong and soaring tenor voice, able to deliver both classical and contemporary genres with effortless clarity.

When he is not singing or performing open-heart surgery, he spends his time reading, cooking for his family, cycling, hiking or golfing with his son. Being in the front lines of the management of the pandemic, he understands the ravages and difficulties brought about by the current situation and its consequent devastating impact on particularly the marginalized members of South African society. This, coupled with his love of music, is what led to his initiative of creating a series of music videos to bolster the morale of healthcare workers.