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Tommy Boy Records is an American independent record label and multimedia brand founded in 1981 by Tom Silverman. The label is credited with helping and launching the music careers of Queen Latifah, Amber, Afrika Bambaataa, Stetsasonic, Digital Underground, Coolio, De La Soul, House of Pain, Naughty By Nature, and Force MDs. Tommy Boy is also credited with introducing genres such as EDM, Latin freestyle, and Latin hip hop to mainstream audiences in America.

Tommy Boy Records was a pioneering independent label in its fledgling days, crossing over the US Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B, and Pop genres seamlessly. Some of the iconic records that paved their way into the echelons of evergreens include:

  • Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio
  • Me Myself and I – De La Soul
  • Feel Good Inc (Ft. Gorillaz) – De La Soul
  • Humpty Dance – Digital Underground
  • Jump Around – House of Pain
  • Ladies First – Queen Latifah
  • Love Is a House – Force MDs

Now under the wing of Reservoir Media, who respect the integrity and quality of this amazing catalogue of works, we are working closely with them to remind the world just how pivotal this company was in the 1980s in shaping the music industry.

Please see below, links to highlights of the catalogue:

Tommy Boy Records

Chrysalis Records was a small independent record label launched in 1968 by Chris Wright and Terry Ellis, music entrepreneurs who formed the label because their group, Jethro Tull, could not get a record deal, so they created a label specifically for that purpose. The name “Chris / Ellis” obviously signifies the birth of something new, which was very much their strategy.

Quickly, Chrysalis became a formidable force in new and pioneering acts, including Procol Harum, Focus, Thunderbirds, Generation X, Blondie, and many more. The life of Chrysalis has spanned decades, enduring takeovers, catalogue splits, purchases, and mergers. The original catalogue now has various owners, and we are proud to offer the masters owned under Reservoir’s recent acquisition. Classics like:

  • Nothing Compares to You – Sinead O’Connor
  • Vienna – Ultravox
  • It Ain’t What You Do – Fun Boy Three
  • Call Me – Go West
  • Dancing With Myself – Generation X / Billy Idol
  • Devil Gate Drive – Suzi Quatro

Within our offerings, we have legends such as Blondie, Generation X, Suzy Quatro, the late Sinead O’Connor, Ultravox, Fun Boy Three, Go West, and more. Below is a link to a snapshot of this incredible catalogue of master recordings we can offer.

Please see below, links to highlights of the catalogue:

Chrysalis Records – The Hits

Chrysalis Records – Deep Cuts